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AKG Acoustics K550 Closed-Back Reference Headphones

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

50mm (2-inch) diameter drivers / Design naturally blocks most ambient noise / 2D Fold-Flat design for mobility / Black Finish

Want great, outstanding Sound and listening comfort from your Mobile device? AKG K550 is an exemplary corded Headphone with studio reference Audio quality that folds for convenient mobility. AKG K550 is the refinement for an audiophile approach to appreciate Digital music.

With the K 550s, AKG engineers have struck a masterful balance between the noise-isolating qualities of closed-back Headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design - creating reference-class headphones ideal for private listening both at home and on the go. 50mm drivers, the largest in our product line, deliver great AKG sound from your hi-fi system or virtually any portable device. The large ear cups and new headband design ensure an amazingly comfortable fit, and the 2D-axis mechanism folds flat to stow or go.

  • The Best of Both Worlds: Combines the advantages of closed-back headphones (no sound leakage for a truly private experience) with the open sound of open-backs (typical “speakers" sound) - making it ideal for both home and street use.
  • Cozy Fit: With large ear cups and a new, lightweight headband design, the K550 offers an amazing, comfortable fit allowing for hours of continuous listening.
  • The K550 works and plays well with virtually any portable device including iPod, iPod touch or iPhone.
  • Outstanding Sound: The 50mm (2'') driver, the biggest driver in the AKG headphone range, delivers a realistic soundstage - far beyond what other headphones typically deliver.
  • Real Image Engineering for accurate definition and impression of width, distance and depth
  • 114dB SPL for great volume efficiency
  • Outstanding passive noise reduction
  • Very low sound leakage levels
  • 2D-Axis fold-flat mechanism for easy Storage and transportation
  • 3.5 to 6.3MM Adapter (screw-on)
  • Frequency range: 12Hz to 28kHz
  • Input impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Maximum input power: 200mW
  • Net weight (without cable): 305g
  • Cable: 99.99% oxygen-free cable, 3m
  • Main connection: Hard Gold-plated 3.5/6.3mm jacks

  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Compare to Similar
    Ear Pad Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head
    Foldable Headband Yes
    TV Capable Yes

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Product Name AKG Acoustics K550 Closed-Back Reference Headphones Beats by Dr Dre BT-ON-MIXR-RED Beats Mixr On Ear Headphones - Red Monster Cable Diamond Tears Edge Headphones Crystal Beats by Dr Dre Executive Over Ear Headphones - Black
    Ear Pad Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head
    Foldable Headband Yes Yes Yes Yes
    TV Capable Yes - Yes -
    Microphone What is this? - Microphone with Remote Microphone with Remote -
    Noise Cancel Capable - - Passive Yes
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    J&R Item # AKG K550 BTS 9000002501 MC 128295 BTS 9000013201
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Tue 4/22
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Tue 4/22


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