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AKG Acoustics Open Box WMS450PRES2 WMS 450 Presenter Set - Wireless Microphone K

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Features perfect audio transmission / UHF Frequency / Flexible Wireless System / Outstanding rugged finish for Receiver and Transmitter / Easy setup

The AKG WMS 450 is a Professional wireless Microphone system for presentations, conference, house of worship, theatrical applications and all types of broadcast. It is composed of 1 SR 450 receiver, 1 PT 450 bodypack transmitter, and 1 C 407 L lavalier microphone. The SR 450 diversity receiver is your best choice for cost-efficient, high-performance multichannel systems. Up to 12 Channels can be used simultaneously within the same subband and even large systems will work smoothly in environments hostile to RF transmission. The PT 450 is a high-performance, compact bodypack transmitter for a host of applications. Many innovative features enhance both system reliability and User friendliness. The C 407 is an affordable professional miniature condenser microphone. Its broadband, flat Audio reproduction in an Omnidirectional Format is ideal for all types of broadcast and theatrical applications. It is your best choice for any application calling for a solution that is more flexible than a simple Plug-and-Play system yet easy to set up and operate.
  • SR 450 Features:
  • Best Sound in class
  • All metal case with rugged finish
  • Easy set up of up to 12 channels per frequency band ( UHF 680.2 - 710 MHz)
  • Programmable Status Display with Two-Color Backlight
  • Integrated frequency Scanner with country specific frequency management database
  • Infrared data transmission link
  • Rehearsal function for finding dead spots
  • Audio outputs: balanced XLR and unbalanced TS 1/4" jack
  • PT 450 Features:
  • Extremely compact bodypack transmitter with new rugged finish
  • Easy configuration through Infrared data Download from receiver
  • Lowest operating costs: Up to 8 hours with ONE AA Battery
  • Unique Battery Status Display
  • Professional mini XLR audio Input - with a wide range Input Level Control
  • Connector for external Mute switch
  • Integrated Charging Contacts
  • C 407 L Features:
  • Extremely light, inconspicuous lavalier microphone
  • Excellent audio quality across the full bandwidth
  • Polar pattern - omnidirectional
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    I've ordered twice from J&R Music and Computer World and both times I got a good price for what I was looking for combined with fast shipping. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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