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The Importance Of Buying From An Authorized Dealer
J&R is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the brands that we carry. When you buy from an authorized dealer, you are assured of a high level of reliability and honesty. We buy directly from the manufacturers, so that you receive only factory-fresh merchandise, with full USA warranty. All the accessories that are packed in the box by the manufacturer will be there. Any rebates, special offers, etc. that are offered by the manufacturer will be honored by them in the U.S.A.

The quality manufacturers we are partnered with have product specialists who hold regular training sessions with our sales staff, assuring a high level of product knowledge. We have to satisfy their standards in order to become an authorized dealer. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau On-line, and the BizRate retailer rating system. Our high level of service continues after you have made your sale. Our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives can assist you with the delivery, exchange or return of your purchase.

Before you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, you should consider the following. Some unauthorized dealers sell products with the serial numbers altered, or entirely removed so that the manufacturers cannot track how they obtained these units. This voids the warranty. Some unauthorized dealers sell "grey goods" or "parallel import" versions of the products. These are similar versions that were not intended for distribution in the U.S.A. In some instances, the manufacturers will not honor the warranty or rebate offers on products that are not imported or sold through their approved sales networks. Some of these products can have different voltages, different accessories, or instruction manuals that are not in English. Even when the merchandise is the legitimate U.S.A. version, some unauthorized dealers will take accessories (such as a camcorder battery or AC adapter) out of the sealed carton, and sell them to you separately at an additional cost. Some dealers will sell refurbished products without informing you of this.

In an industry where websites and companies come and go, J&R has been serving the public for over 40 years. We will be here after you have made your purchase, while many others will be a memory. When you buy from us, you do so with peace of mind.

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Shop By Brand
Click on a character below for a list of brands:

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Why buy from an authorized dealer?

I had a complicated order modification that I needed done, so I called the 1-800-426-6027 number and spoke with Kemi, who was enormously helpful in getting everything I needed done. Love you, J&R!

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