Expected to Ship Date

The "Expected to Ship" date found on the Product page is the date we expect to ship it out of our warehouse given its current availability. This "Expected to Ship" date is a guide to give you an approximation when we expect to ship it, i.e. when it leaves our warehouse dock. When you receive it is based solely on the Shipping Method you choose in the Order process. The "Expected to Ship" date found on your shopping cart is based on the highest date of the in-stock items in your cart. Most shipping method choices will state clearly the Expected Arrival Date ("ETA") based on a combination of where you live, the current availability of items on your order, and the shipping method chosen. We strive to meet this Expected Arrival Date stated in the Order process and do so 99% of the time barring unforeseen circumstances that can be affected by factors including payment approval, high sales velocity, or waiting for shipment on one of the items on your order to minimize the number of boxes sent and the cost to you. We will do everything in our power (including upgrading the shipping method on your order at no additional cost to you) to meet that Expected Arrival Date found in the Order process. Again, we guarantee the date you receive your order (which is stated in the Order process), not the date we ship it (which is stated on the Product page).

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