J&R Salespeople

Call Our Expert Salespeople Toll Free: 800.806.1115

A great website and telecommunications operation is not just servers and phones; it is a collection of hard-working and knowledgeable people. J&R salespeople are each experts in their chosen fields.

Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

Count on friendly, efficient, and professional service from our knowledgeable staff:

  • Call 800-806-1115 or 718-340-0406.
  • Press "1" and your agent's extension number to connect directly.
  • Or, press "2" to get product information or place an order with the first available agent.

Do you have a Customer Service question? Contact us directly.

You can easily order on the web too, using their salesperson number to track and credit the person who helped with your order. Call J&R for the best in service, selection, and satisfaction!

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