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Eliminate Your Phone Bill

The ooma system partners with your high-speed Internet and your home phones to give you free domestic phone service. Your one-time purchase eliminates monthly telephone bills forever! Think of how much you pay the phone company each year. Now imagine what you could do with all the money you save. The ooma team is back with new features and a special offer. Come learn about the next revolution in telephone service.
VideoOoma Seminar  

No Computer? No Problem!!

The Rhapsody Ibiza is a portable Wifi media player that is unlike any other on the market. There's no need for a computer!! There's no need for an Internet connection!! From media and podcasts to photos and videos, you can download content directly, instantly, and easily. You can listen to FM radio. It's even Bluetooth compatible. Come find out about this new way to always have your music with you.
VideoRhapsody Ibiza  

There's A Monster On The Loose

As the saying goes, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link". In the world of electronics, that "chain" is a cable. Whether it's HDTV, a surround-sound home theater system, or a computer, the connecting cables DO make a difference. Come meet the cable gurus from Monster, and learn how cables can protect your equipment and improve performance. Monster is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio, video, electric power, and computers. Be sure to join us.

LCD, Plasma or Video Projector

Which one is right for you?
VideoPanasonic Plasma vs LCD TVs  

Color Management and Calibration

Are you a Photographer? Are you a designer? In retail? Are you in the dental or medical field? Do you deal with color? Then ColorMunki is the solution for you, developed to meet your digital color demands. It's your personal color control solution to quickly and affordably match colors from display to print with ease, and so much more. ColorMunki Photo, your new best friend! ...more info.
VideoX-Rite Color Munki  

Centrino, How The Best Just Got Better.

Learn how processors are becoming more powerful yet more efficient... and what that means for you.
VideoIntel Centrino 2  

Digital SLR Cameras Demystified

Experts from Olympus will help you find the right Digital SLR for you. Learn the ins and outs of shopping for and using a digital SLR camera.
VideoDigital Cameras 101  

Digital Camera Fundamentals

Shutter speed. Exposure. Digital zoom. Optical Zoom. Megapixels. Learn all of these camera functions and many more. Kodak representatives will be available to answer all of your questions.
VideoKodak Digital Camera Tips  

Improve Your Guitar's Sound For Studio and Stage

Join us for a live demo of Roland's products. Also, come and meet Robert Marcello, an excellent and very flamboyant guitarist and great clinician. ...more info
VideoRobert Marcello & Roland Boss Stomp Boxes  
Edirol by Roland

Capture Every Important Moment...Perfectly. Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera.

Experts from Olympus will instruct how to take more impressive photos with your digital camera. Stick around after the presentation to get one-on-one advice from camera pros. Bring your Olympus digital camera and learn how to finally get the most out of its wide array of features.
VideoDigital Cameras 101  

11.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver

Yamaha introduces a new benchmark for home theater receiver performance: the RX-Z11. The new flagship takes high end receiver evolution to another level with an enormous range of exciting features, capabilities and cutting edge technologies. The RX-Z11 performance sets a new standard in home theater experience. Learn how receivers work and what they can do for your home theater.
VideoYamaha RX-Z11 11.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver  

The Power of MP3/MP4 Players. Learn What's Possible.

Your movies, your photos, your videos, your TV in the palm of your hand.
VideoHaier Rhapsody Player  


What it is and what it can do for your home theater experience.
VideoPanasonic Blu-Ray Seminar  

The Ultimate In Home Theater and Boardroom Presentation

From the home consumer to corporate boardrooms, churches to government offices, classrooms to auditoriums, a projector and screen may be the best for option. Join us and experience it.
VideoOptoma Projectors  

Bring Out Your Inner Musician and Producer.

Propellerhead Reason, released in 2000, is an entire studio emulation complete with virtual cables and representations of a subtractive synthesizer, sampler and drum machine, alongside a REX file loop player, a pattern sequencer and a multitude of effects units. Making Reason's appeal even greater is the ability to create as many of each device as a computer could handle and a simple sequencer for notes and device automation. Find out why this award-winning software is used over the world.
VideoPropellerhead Reason 4.0  

Any TV. Any Wall. Any Room. Possibilities Are Mounting.

Want to mount a TV, Projector or Speakers? Not a problem. In your kitchen, den, living room, bathroom or outdoors? Not a problem. Want to hide your wires and cables? Not a problem.
VideoVantage Point TV Mount  
Vantage Point

Computer-Based Studio

Learn to set up a computer based studio that lets you make music wherever and whenever you want.
VideoM-Audio Seminar  
M Audiio

Sensor Cleaning, Safe Image Archiving and Other Smart Digital Camera Accessories

Now that you have a Digital Camera, what do you need to go with it? See the award winning SensorScope Cleaning System demonstrated. Learn how to use the safest and most effective system for cleaning digital SLR image sensors. Now anyone can clean a digital SLR image sensor with professional results. Best of all, it's completely safe and 100% effective. ...more info
VideoDelkin Gold Archival Disks  
Delkin Devices

Photography Simplified

Learn how to get ready for a trip, a recital, wedding or soccer game. Bring your Kodak Camera. Have a camera question. Bring your Kodak camera and all of your questions. Experts from Kodak will answer them. Spend time one-on-one with Kodak representatives and become an expert in operating your camera.
VideoKodak - Photography Simplified  

Do-It-Yourself: Bathroom

Remodel your Bathroom and have fun doing it. By Barbara K.
VideoBarbara K: Bathroom  
Barbara K

Compose and Conduct Music With Notion. No MIDI knowledge required.

Notion Music, is dedicated to perfecting music creation software, combining a fervent passion and vast musical knowledge with the sounds of the finest musicians and best recording technology in the world. Notion Music products allow musicians of all levels and genres to use their computers to compose, play back and perform music with an ease and simplicity that is unprecedented in the industry. ...more info
VideoCompose and Conduct Music With Notion  

Store Your Memories Safely

Your baby's first step, your wedding in Bali, all your important milestones...all captured in digital photos and video. What could be more important? Storing them safely. Learn how to back up your information in one fun and easy step. Set it and forget it. Also, discover how to save the environment one hard drive at a time with an eco-friendly GreenPower™ hard drive.
VideoWD External Hard Drives  
Western Digital

Enjoy Your Camcorder

Have fun learning to use your digital camcorder.
VideoCamcorder Seminar  

Do-It-Yourself: Living Room

Remodel your living room and entertainment rooms and have fun doing it. By Barbara K.
VideoBarbara K: Living Room  
Barbara K

Surveillance Solutions

Wonder what's going on at home when you're at work or what your employees are doing when you're not there. Now there is a simple solution.
VideoSwann Security Demo  
Swann Communications

Enjoy Your Camera

Learn about choosing and using a digital camera, and editing digital photos.
VideoPanasonic Lumix Camera  

Record Your Life

That important conversation with your client, your boss, your 100 year old parents or even your (not so funny) standup routine. It's quick, easy and fun.
VideoRoland CD-2E Prof. Recorder   VideoRoland R-09 Prof. Recorder  
Edirol by Roland

Unclutter Your Life & Why Wi-Fi?

Let the experts at Harmony show you how to remove the clutter from your home and simplify your life. Also, Logitech will show you how to truly set your music free and be able to listen to your entire music collection and thousands of internet radio stations. .. more info
VideoHarmony One Remote   VideoLogitech Squeezebox  

Sick Of Hearing The Same Few Songs On The Radio?

Feeling limited by AM and FM? Can't fine a good Rock station? Come listen to what you have been missing. Listen to some great comedy, classic rock and sports and discover how radio should be. Learn how satellite radio works and what it can do for you in your home and office.
VideoXM Radio  
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