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Netgear FVS318 Cable / DSL ProSafe VPN Router

The Netgear FVS318 is a cost-effective way to utilize VPN technology for your small business. It provides you with 8 IPSec based VPN ports and features firewall capabilities, as well as true Denial of Service (DoS) protection. The FVS318 is also a Switch & Cable/DSL Router - giving you the complete Networking package.
  • Utilizes NAT routing technology that provides for up to 253 LAN users to share 1 IP address assigned by the ISP
  • Includes: power adapter, category 5 cable, & manual

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    Network Type Wired Ethernet
    Connector Router

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    Product Name Netgear FVS318 Cable / DSL ProSafe VPN Router Netgear GS108T-200 ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Smart Ethernet Switch
    Network Type Wired Ethernet Wired Ethernet
    Connector Router Switch
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    J&R Item # NTG FVS318 NTG GS108T200
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