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Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Table Top Radio with Clock

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

AM/FM radio / S.A.M.E. Technology / Receives All NOAA Weather Channels / Public Alert Certified / Scrolling LCD of S.A.M.E. Event Messages / Alarm mode

The Sangean CL-100 is a Public Alert Certified Weather Radio and can receive all NOAA reports can let people know about severe weather advisories, watches and warnings conditions, civil emergencies, hazards, and evacuation details so they can have more time to react before dangerous storms hit their area. When you're in the path of something like a tornado, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The CL-100 can respond to emergency alert tones by activating a built-in Audio or an external visual alarm. The alarm feature is especially useful for warnings that are issued during the night when most people are asleep. It also features S.A.M.E. technology, the primary trigger for activating the US Hazards and EAS (Emergency Alert System) used by commercial radio, television and cable TV outlets. S.A.M.E. allows you to screen out unwanted or non-local alerts and filter out distant warning broadcasts and Monitor only those messages intended for your local area.

The CL-100 is a perfect bedside alarm clock. You can set dual alarm times and choose waking to AM / FM radio or HWS (Human Wake-up System) buzzer alarms. There's also a snooze button. In addition, it can be set with Sleep Timer from 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, to 120 minutes. The radio can be turned off automatically, so you can fall asleep to the Music and then later gently awaken you with the news, music or alarm. The Bass and Treble can be adjusted as well to get the crisp crystal clear audio sound.

  • Tuning Type: PLL Synthesized
  • 10 Station Preset Memories (5 for each AM band and FM band)
  • LCD Type: Graphic LCM (128 x 64)
  • Display Size (visual area): 2.17 x 1.02 in. / 52 x 26 mm
  • FM Band: G87.5MHz ~ 108.0 MHz (with RBDS: Program Service (PS) name, Radio text (RT) message, Clock Time(CT) and date)
  • AM Band: 520kHz ~ 1710kHz
  • Receives All NOAA Weather Channels: 1ch ~ 7ch
  • Public Alert Certified
  • S.A.M.E. Technology (Location Based Weather Alerts)
  • Ability to Add & Remove Alerts
  • Scrolling LCD Display of S.A.M.E. Event Messages
  • Memory System for 25 Counties
  • 20 Event Message Memories
  • RTC: Manual/Automatically (RBDS CT) Set
  • 12 Hour Time Format
  • Auto - Calendar / Weekday Display
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Four AA Battery Operation and Battery Back-up (batteries not included)

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    Tuning What is this? AM/FM/NOAA

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Product Name Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Table Top Radio with Clock Sangean RCR-22 Clock Radio iHome IA63 FM Clock Radio with Dock for iPhone or iPod - Black Sangean WR-11 AM/FM Table Radio in Wood Cabinet
    Tuning What is this? AM/FM/NOAA AM/FM FM AM/FM
    Alarm - 2 Alarm 1 Alarm 2 Alarm
    CD or Cassette - CD Player - -
    MP3 Player - - - Minijack input for optional MP3 or iPod
    Customer Rating:   (46 Reviews)   (20 Reviews)   (5 Reviews)   (45 Reviews)
    J&R Item # SGN CL100 SGN RCR22 IH IA63B SGN WR11
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23


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    Shipping or Dimension weight in pounds: 2.8

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    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23 | Ship Cost & ETA
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    I love JR music. I am a native NY'er and I missed you so much. I am so happy I get the same customer service, sales and prices for quality I expect from JR. THANK YOU!

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