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Belkin Standard Computer Tool Kit (11-Piece) - F8E060

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast / Perfect for minor electronic maintenance / High quality craftsmanship / Includes screwdrivers, clipper, tweezers

The 10-PieceTool Kit features Belkin's most popular tools for repairing or upgrading common electronic devices. All tools are fully demagnetized to protect your computer's Hard Drive or magnetic media from damage and each tool is conveniently stored in a custom designed case.

In the Stone Age, Paleolithic peoples fashioned tools out of stone. But you know what? That was 2 million years ago, and they weren't attempting electronic maintenance! Includes Phillips Screwdriver (#0, #1), Nut Drivers (¼", 3/16"), Flat Screwdrivers (1/8", 3/16"), Zipper Case, Insulated Chip (IC) Insertion/Extraction Clipper, T15 Torx Screwdriver, 3-pronged Parts Retriever, Tweezers.

  • Features:

  • For the do-it-yourself enthusiast
  • Perfect for minor electronic maintenance
  • High quality craftsmanship

  • Manufacturer's full lifetime Warranty

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    Fabulous service, competitive price on the Canon T5i. Shipped the same day and arrived at 9 AM the next morning. I couldn't have gotten it quicker if I had decided to go out and get it myself! Love J&R. Thanks, guys.

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