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Omron HJ-720ITC GO-smart Pocket Pedometer with PC Software

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Track and measure your physical activity / Monitor your exercise / Connect to a computer through USB / Detachable belt and strap

Everyone enjoys indulging on snacks, cakes, and hearty meals. That's okay, provided activity burns those calories away. Research seems to indicate that mild, routine cardiovascular exercise (such as walking) can burn calories and help maintain neuromuscular integrity under usual circumstances. Walk for health and fitness and get the most out of it when you use the Omron HJ-720ITC GOsmart Pocket Pedometer.

Omron's HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer helps you walk the path to better health. The pedometer measures steps, aerobic steps (10 minutes or more of continuous movement), calories and distance. The Omron Health Management Software helps you Monitor you progress as you achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle by tracking days, weeks, months and years of exercise. Just connect the pedometer with its USB connection to your PC to begin tracking your health today. Physical activity is essential for good health -- Omron's HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer helps you improve overall health, lose Weight & get more energy in your daily life.

  • Dual-axis acceleration Sensor counts steps when placed horizontally or vertically
  • Includes Omron Health Management Software to track your progress
  • Counts every step quietly and accurately
  • Separately counts aerobic steps
  • Calculates distance
  • Calculates calories and fat grams burned
  • Unique dual sensor technology, for carrying the pedometer in your pocket or bag
  • Measure your steps, aerobic movement, calories and distance
  • Displays aerobic steps and minutes walked (when more than 10 minutes continuously)
  • 7-day history - review a full week or your exercise
  • Automatically resets at midnight - ready to go each morning
  • Large display for easy reading
  • Clock setting
  • Detachable belt holder and security strap
  • Battery: 1 CR2032 (included)
  • Please note that included software is exclusively for Windows PC.
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Product Name Omron HJ-720ITC GO-smart Pocket Pedometer with PC Software Omron HJ-113 Go-Smart Walking Style Step Counter Pedometer
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