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Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Full HD 1080p / 2D to 3D conversion / 2 HDMI / Built-in WiFi / Sony Media Remote App / Stream Netflix, Hulu+ & more / Socialize with Facebook & Twitter

Wishing you could Stream movies, TV shows, Music and more without putting up with obnoxious, unsightly wires? See how built-in Wi-Fi and a dual core Processor work together for a super smooth delivery of all the media you love, minus the wires you hate. Play your favorite Blu-Ray Disc movies, take conventional 2D to another dimension by converting it to 3D, or make the Resolution even higher by upscaling to 4K. Two backwards compatible HDMI outputs provide excellent Audio support for legacy audio products. Connect a compatible camera and Skype the day away with friends and family on the big screen. Enjoy stellar picture quality thanks to 16 Bit Video Processing and Super Bit Mapping® video functionality. Get crisp, clear images watching things from the Internet on your TV with IP Noise Reduction Pro.

  • The ease of built-in Wi-Fi - Easily connect to the internet through your home's wireless Broadband Network and stream movies, TV shows, music and more
  • Fast performance with Dual Core Processor - Built-in Dual Core Processor for fast performance
  • Make movies more stunning - Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p and upscale the visual quality of DVDs to near HD quality. The 2D to 3D conversion feature allows your DVDs or Blu-ray Disc movies to be automatically converted into 3D for playback on your 3D TV. Experience over four times higher quality resolution than Full HD with 4K support.
  • Dual HDMI output - Two HDMI outputs to connect even legacy audio products to enjoy 3D and HD Sound quality
  • Skype on your big screen - Enjoy Video conferencing from your living room using Skype. Simply plug in a compatible camera and you're ready to start communicating.
  • Sony Entertainment Network - Instantly stream a wide variety of online movies, videos, TV shows, and music from Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, HuluPlus and more
  • Remote Control by tablet or Smartphone - With the free Sony Media Remote app enjoy a full QWERTY Keyboard and movie information search capabilities on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone or Sony Tablet
  • Multi-room music with Party Streaming Mode - Wirelessly stream music throughout the home to Sony Wireless Network speakers
  • Socialize while you watch TV - Socialize what you watch over Facebook and Twitter. Instantly share from Internet videos and music you're enjoying.

  • 3D Playback, 24p True Cinema, Photo, Streaming, Video: Yes
  • Audio: Dolby True HD decoding (5.1Ch), dts-HD Master Audio decoding (MA)
  • Super Bit Mapping Video: 16-Bit Video
  • SACD
  • Wi-Fi: Built-in
  • Inputs & Outputs: 2 HDMI, Composite, Optical Audio, Coaxial Audio, Analog Audio, Ethernet, 2 USB

  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Compare to Similar
    Disc Capacity 1
    Type of DVD Unit Blu-ray 3D Ready
    Disc Compatibility SACD - CD - CDR/W - DVD - DVDR/W - DVD-A

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
    Product Name Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Samsung BD-F7500 Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with UHD 4K Upscaling
    Disc Capacity 1 1
    Type of DVD Unit Blu-ray 3D Ready Blu-ray 3D Ready
    Disc Compatibility SACD - CD - CDR/W - DVD - DVDR/W - DVD-A CD - CDR/W - DVD - DVDR/W
    Customer Rating:   (9 Reviews)   (1 Review)
    J&R Item # SON BDPS790 SAM BDF7500
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Fri 4/18
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Fri 4/18


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      Price = $200 - $500
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      Disc Compatibility = SACD - CD - CDR/W - DVD - DVDR/W - DVD-A
      Type of DVD Unit = Blu-ray 3D Ready
      Specialty Stores = Blu-ray
      Specialty Stores = Electronics
      Specialty Stores = iPhone
      Specialty Stores = iPod

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    Shipping or Dimension weight in pounds: 5.4

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    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Fri 4/18 | Ship Cost & ETA
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    - $10.49


    First experience, very easy to order, excellent price, site and pages well laid out. What a dot come should be ...

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