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Apple MC940ZM/A iPad 2 Dock

Price Reflects $4 Instant Rebate thru 04/28/14

Specifically designed for iPad 2 / Charge and sync your iPad 2 with USB cable or power adapter / Connect to TV, video projector, stereo or speakers

This sleek dock is your Personal Hub for all things iPad. Specifically designed for iPad 2, it gives you easy access to a port for syncing or charging, and an Audio line out port for connecting to powered speakers via an Optional audio cable. The iPad 2 Dock also supports other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Charge and sync your iPad 2 with the iPad 2 Dock. Your iPad 2 sits upright in the dock, so it's perfect for a desk or countertop. It features a convenient audio line out port that connects to powered speakers. And it supports other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter and iPad Camera Connection Kit. You can even use it as a picture frame while it's charging.

  • Connect the dock to your Computer with the USB cable included with your iPad 2 to sync iPad 2 and charge its battery.
  • Connect the dock to an electrical outlet using the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter (included with your iPad 2) to charge the iPad battery.
  • Use the dock to hold iPad 2 at the perfect angle to compose Email and notes using a Bluetooth Keyboard or to watch your favorite videos or photo slideshows.
  • Connect the dock to a TV or video projector using a compatible accessory such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter, the Apple VGA Adapter, or the Apple Component or Composite AV Cable.
  • Connect the dock to a Stereo or speakers using an AV cable or a stereo audio cable to play Music from iPad 2.

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    I ordered my tablet via the "Pick Up" service. They sent me a confirmation e-mail when my order was ready. They have a dedicated area for pick-up which was quick and easy. Living in NYC, this service is extremely convenient for me and I'll likely take advantage of it in the future.

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