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Neuroactive Program Complete Brain Training - Windows Mac

Cultivating your brain at any age requires adaptation and ability to resolve / Puzzles and challenges keep neuronal networks active and growing

Life is a game, full of challenges, adversities, achievements and errors. We learn from successes and failures. These challenges stimulate neurons - active brain cells - and create wide-ranging networks that help promote cognitive acuity and depth. We train our brains each day - awake and asleep. Yet, often there are times when we overstimulate and understimulate our mind, possibly causing deviations in neuronal networks. Used routinely, the Neuroactive Program Complete Brain Training Software helps maintain and grow your thinking networks. It's an exercise and it's a game. What do you think?

NeuroActive Program - Complete brain training is a brain-training program that was carefully developed by neuroscience experts with you in mind. Fun and easy to use, this Patented program will not only improve your mental agility but give you a more active and balanced life.

Recommended by physicians and cognition experts, NeuroActive Program delivers a complete set of brain stimulation exercises designed to keep your brain sharp, healthy and youthful. Like an anti-aging pill for the brain, NeuroActive Program is a key part of an all-natural, no side-effects strategy to ward off the effects of Alzheimer’s and other age-related decline. It’s also an ideal supplement to a regular physical workout program, which is crucial for total brain fitness. It's sort of like the wise saying, "Use it or lose it."

Training exercises cover:
  • 1. Semantic Categorization
  • 2. Selective Attention
  • 3. Hand-Eye Coordination
  • 4. Visual Scanning
  • 5. Behavioral Inhibition
  • 6. Cognitive Control
  • 7. Planning
  • 8. Behavioral Flexibility
  • 9. Working Memory
  • 10. Arithmetic
  • 11. Episodic Memory
  • 12. Temporal Order Memory
  • 13. Visuo-spatial Skills
  • 14. Temporal Perception
  • 15. Word Naming
  • 16. Processing Speed

    Life is a game and there are winners and losers. The Neuroactive Program Complete Brain Training for Windows and Macintosh is your chance to be a winner. It's your opportunity if you follow the routine and stay the course.

    Think and grow rich in mind, thought, and being!

  • Based on recent scientific discoveries about neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to retool itself and map new neural pathways when properly exercised), researchers are developing methods of reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and promoting brain health and so-called “successful aging."
  • There are proven steps that you can take to optimize brain health:
  • Adopt good life habits: Regular physical training, emotional balance, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and dietary habits
  • Challenge yourself with brain exercises

    Age Range (ESRB) E = Everyone

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