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Beats by Dr Dre Pro Over Ear Headphone - White

Proprietary Driver Technology / Superior Sound Isolation / Unique Flip-up Ear Cups / Dual Input/Output Cable Ports / Plush, Washable, Ear Cushions

Beats Pro Headphones are designed for Sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously. They're the headphones that artists like will.i.am use in the studio, and are designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist originally intended. Beats Pro headphones are made for relentless, heavy-duty use in the studio or in the club. Superb sound at all times. Beats Pro headphones give deep Bass response and sound across the spectrum. That's because they use no amplification or noise cancellation circuitry that adds other frequencies, colors the sound, or compromises bass response.

  • Beats Pro deliver the even Frequency response of studio monitors for ultra--accurate recording, mixing, and playback.
  • Greater earcup foam density and precise fitting shut out external noise for awesome accuracy and clarity
  • Plug your cable into one earcup and the other port switches to Output mode, making it easy to share what you're listening to
  • Backward rotating ear cups make it easy to monitor the room, studio, or club with Beats Pro headphones at all times.
  • Design yields superior sound isolation with maximum comfort and minimal ear fatigue. Removable and washable
  • Heavy-duty, Gold-plated 1/4 inch Adapter ensures you're ready for any setup
  • Attached tether prevents it from being left behind at your last gig
  • Includes Beats Pro headphones, 4.2 foot coiled cable with 3.5mm twist lock plug

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    Ear Pad Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head

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    Product Name Beats by Dr Dre Pro Over Ear Headphone - White Beats by Dr Dre Pro Over Ear Headphone - Black BOSE® QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver Over-Ear Headphones
    Ear Pad Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head
    Noise Cancel Capable - - Yes -
    Microphone What is this? - - - Microphone
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    J&R Item # BTS 9000003501 BTS 9000003401 BOS QC3 DNN AHD400
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Fri 4/18
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Fri 4/18


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