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Canon 50mm f/1.2L EF USM

Fast Focusing Ring-Type Ultrasonic Motor / Aspherical Lens Element / Circular Aperture Diaphragm / For Canon EOS SLR

Sharing the widest Aperture of any Lens in Canon’s current EF range, this EF 50 mm F1.2L USM Lens offers extremely fine control over depth-of-field and superb low available light performance. Having Canon’s latest AF technologies, the lens lives up to the brand’s reputation for superior response high-speed auto focus, while a circular aperture produces an excellently even background blur.
  • Lens hood and pouch included in the box
  • Latest Ultrasonic Motor (USM) for fast and near silent auto focus
  • Full-time manual focus override / Minimum focus distance 45cm
  • Super Spectra coatings and optimised lens element shaping to suppress flare and ghosting
  • Distance information passed back to the new E-TTL II Flash Algorithm of all current model Digital EOS cameras

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    Lens Type Normal
    Fits Camera Made By Canon
    Maximum Aperture f/1.2
    Focal Lengths - Fixed 50mm

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    Product Name Canon 50mm f/1.2L EF USM Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L EF IS Zoom Lens USM Nikon 24-120mm f/4G AF-S ED VR NIKKOR Lens Nikon 85mm F/1.4 D-Series Telephoto
    Lens Type Normal Zoom Zoom Telephoto
    Fits Camera Made By Canon Canon Nikon Nikon
    Maximum Aperture f/1.2 f/5.6 f/4.0 f/1.4
    Focal Lengths - Fixed 50mm - - 85mm
    Focal Lengths - Zoom - 100-400mm 24-120mm -
    Customer Rating:   (10 Reviews)   (22 Reviews)   (6 Reviews)   (10 Reviews)
    J&R Item # CAN EF50/1.2 CAN 100-400IS NKN AFS24-120MM NKN 85MM/1.4D
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23
    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23


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      Brand = Canon
      Price = $1,500 - $2,000
      Fits Camera Made By = Canon
      Focal Lengths - Fixed = 50mm
      Lens Type = Normal
      Maximum Aperture = f/1.2

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    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23 | Ship Cost & ETA


    1st time user and was very pleased. It is always comforting to get an immediate response email acknowledging a receipt of your order and even more assuring when you get an email later that same day that your order was processed and shipped. I received exactly what I ordered within a couple of days with standard shipping costs and was very pleased with J&R's service. Their price was competitive and I would order from them again for sure!

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