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Cobra 19 DX IV Compact CB Radio

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

This full-featured mobile CB radio offers Dual Watch and Instant Channel 9/19, all in a compact design! / 40 Channels / 9 Foot Cord / Dynamic Mic / LCD

It's cakes that they pulled the plug on CB. It's still going strong. They're just better! The Cobra Mobile CB Radios now offer easy-to-read, illuminated LCD screens and a 9 foot MIC cord that comfortably extends throughout the cab. So keep on modulating and give high threes to this J&R CB jamboree.
  • RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
  • 4 Pin Screw-On Mic Connector Convenient removal of mic for Storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehicle
  • Power On/Off and volume control
  • Squelch Control Elimiates background noise in the absence of a signal
  • Stylized Design Reflecting the trends in new deisgns, sculpted features and muted graphics which give it a dynamic look that will compliment any of today's vehicles.
  • Compact Design Easily installed into most cars and trucks
  • Combination S/RF Meter Indicates incoming signal strength and Output RF power output.
  • CB/PA Screw-On Mic Microphone Selects CB operation or public address (PA) operation for Communication outside of the vehicle with PA horn (not supplied).
  • In the Box - Cobra 19 DX IV CB Radio; Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone; Mounting C Bracket and Thumb Screws; Microphone Hanger Bracket and Screws; Instruction Manual

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    Tuning What is this? CB

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
    Similar Product


    Similar Product


    Product Name Cobra 19 DX IV Compact CB Radio Midland Consumer 2-Way Radio LXT600VP3 Cobra CXT235 Microtalk 2-Way Radio - 2-Pack Cobra MicroTalk CXT425 25-Mile Radio - pair
    Tuning What is this? CB 2-Way GMRS 2-Way FRS / GMRS UHF-FM and GMRS
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    J&R Item # COB 19DXIV MDL LXT600VP3 COB CXT235 COB CXT425
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    In Stock
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    Expected to Ship Mon 4/21


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    Excellent web page!! Easily accessible, with complete info and I liked specially that automatically it gives you the shipping totals, including perks!! Thanks!!!

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