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Disney Pixar Learning 1st Grade w/ Buzz - Windows

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ESRB - E ( Everyone )

Active learning games & activities promote creative thinking & problem solving skills / Teaches over 40 developmental skills / ESRB Rating E Everyone

First graders will soar as they learn with Buzz Lightyear! Disney Learning 1st Grade with Active Leveling Advantage adjusts as your child develops, providing building blocks for success. Buzz Lightyear and friends turn Andy's bedroom into an interactive classroom for 1st Graders. Disney's active learning games and activities promote creative thinking and problem solving skills, build self-confidence and teach over 40 developmental skills. Developed using the Active Learning method Buzz Lightyear 1st Grade encourages kids to explore, discover and create while they learn. Children craft their own learning experience while developing essential skills. A life-long love of learning is reinforced through stimulating activities and environments that inspire your child's creative thinking process. As first graders explore they can benefit from the following Active Learning enrichments: learn through fun imaginative creative activities. Enhance listening perception and observation skills. Appreciate Music and the arts. Develop abstract and critical thinking skills. Explore and experiment with a variety of positive choices. Realize enhanced confidence and self-esteem through successful problem solving. Skills learned: spelling, Word building, word recognition using verbal and graphic cues, blends and digraphs prediction steering and control attribute, discernment, 3D shapes, fractions, money, Memory sounds/listening, world geography, spatial and mapping skills, vocabulary, story comprehension, sequencing and ordering, nouns and verbs perception/observation, tell time to 1/4 hour, music, creativity, reading, language. Activities include music composition and memory exploration, and create with music! Phonics and strategic thinking identify letter sounds and complete word searches.

Age Range (ESRB) E = Everyone

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J&R had the cheapest price on the Internet for my new Mac mini. No sales tax was a huge plus. I received my package within a couple days of ordering it. Also the 30+ dollars in cash back will make upgrading the RAM very inexpensive. Way to one up amazon!!!

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