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Encore Printmaster 2012 Gold PC Macintosh

Includes ready-made templates by professional designers to make your project quickly and easily, plus 1,000+ new ready-mades

Channel your creativity with PrintMaster 2012 Gold, the design Software that's a starter kit for making personalized print projects. Choose from the inspiring selection of ready-made templates or start from scratch to design a one-of-a-kind creation, and add personality to your project with charming Clip Art elements. Easy-to-use page layout tools that include drag-and-drop for photos and clip art tools, basic photo Editing to personalize projects such as greeting cards, signs, crafts and more. Share with others by printing at home, or Upload to the Integrated Professional Printer for premium results.

  • Use the Program on a PC or Mac and create, edit and share files seamlessly.
  • Drag-and-drop photos, text and design elements with incredible ease and speed.

    One of the most common uses for home Computers is photo editing and creating projects with photos you have taken. This can be a fun way to spend your free time and create different items which will be cherished by family and friends. Photos are a great way for people to capture some of their best memories and with a quality photo editing program you can create a multitude of projects. If you are looking for printing software to help you with this creative process you should look into the PrintMaster line of products. The PrintMaster programs have a variety of photo editing features which allow you to tweak and alter your photos before making a finished product. You can read more below about this program and how to get it for your home computer.

    The PrintMaster Interface has thousands of templates and tools to help you create appealing items with all of your memorable images. You can also choose from over 150,000 clip art images to help enhance items such as invitations or greeting cards. This allows you to create items with a theme, which can be applied to multiple products. For example, you can design invitations to an event and then use the same theme for place holders to use for seating guests at tables. There are also many different themes available in the software that can be used for any product you create.
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    I am always amazed at how quickly items are shipped to me through J&R!! Its actually cheaper then driving to my local box store!

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