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HP CB337WN 75 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

High-capacity for frequent printing / 170 pages color page yield / 672 print head nozzles / 15 pl ink drop size / Thermal Inkjet Print / Deskjet 4200, 4300, Officejet 5700, 6400, J5700, Photosmart 4200, 4300, 4400 All-in-One, 4500, 5200, 5300, 5500

Print more laser-quality and crisp Color images, using a high-capacity HP cartridge. Original HP Inkjet print cartridges offer consistent print quality and reliable performance. Get archival-quality documents that resist fading for decades. Save money when you choose the Original HP inkjet print cartridge that matches how much and how often you print. Print more pages when you choose an HP cartridge designed for frequent printing.

Compatible printers for the HP 75 Tricolor Ink Cartridge

  • HP Deskjet D4260 Printer
  • HP Deskjet D4280 Printer
  • HP Deskjet D4360 Printer
  • HP Officejet J5740 All-in-One
  • HP Officejet J5750 All-in-One
  • HP Officejet J5780 All-in-One
  • HP Officejet J6450 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Officejet J6480 All-in-One
  • HP Officejet J5780 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4210 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4240 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4250 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4285 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4345 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4380 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4385 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C4435 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4440 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4450 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4580 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C4599 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C5250 All-in-One
  • HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart D5345 Printer
  • HP Photosmart D5360 Printer
  • HP Photosmart C5540 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C5550 All-in-One Printer
  • HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer
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