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iHome iC3 Portable Stand, Stereo Speaker & Charging Dock for Android Devices

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Silver / Design for Android Tablets & Smartphones / SmartSlide dock with Quick Charge micro USB cable/ Reson8 speaker chamber / iHome Sleep app compatible

The iC3 is a Stereo speaker stand that lets you charge and play your Android Smartphone or tablet. Reson8 speaker chambers provide great Sound that's perfect for your music, games or apps. Charge your smartphone via USB quick charge port while powered by AC adaptor. App-friendly unit works with iHome Sleep app (free download) to set custom alarms. Also operates on 4 AA Batteries (not included) for music anywhere. A micro-to-standard USB charging cable is included.

Universal Power
  • Voltage Adapter - 100 - 240V
    Local Music Playback
  • Aux-in - Connect almost any music device with the Analog 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input.
  • SmartSlide dock with custom Quick Charge micro USB cable - Patent-pending sliding track dock with cable management allows you to charge your smartphone in any orientation
  • Play and charge your Android tablet and smartphone - Android devices and other smartphones connect and play music through speaker unit
  • Stereo speakers - Specially designed high-end Drivers in Reson8 speaker chambers and EXB Bass Expansion deliver astounding clarity, depth and power in a small space
    App Features
  • Works with iHome Sleep alarm app - Wake and sleep to your favorite music on your Android smartphone to enhance your sleep experience with customized alarm settings (free download on the Google Play)
    Sound Enhancement
  • EXB Sound Enhancement - Get extra bass boost with expanded bass circuitry
  • Stand support for Mobile and tablet devices - Stand offers solid support for smartphones and tablets in landscape or portrait orientation

  • Device Compatibility: Most Android Tablets & Smartphones
  • Dimensions: 5.04" W x 4.73" H x 6.42" D
  • Weight: 0.94 lbs
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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