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Lowepro Passport Sling II Digital SLR Camera Bag - Black/Red

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Discreet sling bag design / Customizable & removable camera box/ Expandable compartment / Water bottle pocket / Detachable pad & adjustable shoulder strap

Space for your camera gear and space for your Personal gear, that's what you get with the discreet, modern and versatile Lowepro Passport Sling II Camera Bag (Black/Red). A customizable and removable camera box provides protection for a DSLR or CSC kit. Remove the box to use the sling without camera gear - it makes a great travel or day bag.

  • Discreet sling bag design offers a modern and versatile way to carry camera and personal gear without looking like a typical photo bag
  • Customizable and removable camera box provides a custom fit and protection for a DSLR or CSC kit; remove box to use sling without camera gear-it makes a great travel companion and collapses flat to fit in a larger bag for packing
  • Expandable compartment allows you to unzip and increase interior Storage space by 30%
  • Water bottle pocket provides a convenient spot to keep hydration at hand
  • Detachable shoulder pad offers extra comfort no matter where placed along shoulder strap; remove for a more streamlined, stylish look
  • Bright, contrasting lining provides visibility to gear
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with cam lock buckle offers a comfortable way to wear sling over shoulder or across body, high or low

  • Compatibility: Customized for DSLR: DSLR with attached Zoom lens, 1 extra lens or flash, Water bottle and personal items / Customized for CSC: CSC with attached zoom lens, 2 extra lenses or 1 lens and 1 flash, Water bottle and personal items
  • Size(Interior): 5.1W X 6.3D X 15H in./ 13 X 16 X 38 cm
  • Size(Exterior): 5.7W X 17.3D X 16.1H in. / 14.5 X 44 X 41 cm
  • Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions: 4.1W X 7.5D X 7.5H in. / 10.5 X 19 X 19 cm
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    I've loved shopping at J&R since the mid-80s, and it's only gotten better when they put their store on the web. I can order something online and specify in-store pickup, swing by the store on my way home, and walk back out again with my item in no time. They're my go-to store for all my audio equipment.

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