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Monster Cable Navajo White Compact Speaker Cable - 200 Foot Mini Spool

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

LPE dielectric to reduce signal loss / Time Correct windings / Magnetic Flux Tube / Paintable jacket matches all interiors

The new Monster Cable uses large gauge construction for improved power transfer and adds the latest advances from Monster's highest performance audiophile cable designs. Special Time Correct windings control Distortion producing magnetic fields for a smoother, more natural re-creation of the music. Patented Magnetic Flux Tube construction provides improved Bass response and dynamic range, important for home theatre and top quality music systems. A special LPE jacket minimizes dielectric distortions for smoother, more natural sounding highs. These advanced technologies in the new Monster Cable provide impressive sonic improvements, allowing you to listen into the music to more realistically experience the original recorded performance.
  • LPE dielectric to reduce signal loss for smooth, extended, more natural highs.
  • Monster's Time Correct windings for more natural music reproduction.
  • Magnetic Flux Tube construction for maximum bass response and more natural sound.
  • Paintable jacket matches all interiors - ideal for Home Theater hookups where cables are exposed.
  • Optional termination connectors available
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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      Price = $50 - $100
      Specialty Stores = Electronics

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    Every transaction I have ever had, either online or in store have always been fantastic. I stopped searching for deals on the internet because I can always find what I want and for the price I want to pay for it on or at J&R. Thank you for your good customer relations. Good customer service is what I look for in company.

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