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PPA Int’l 15-Foot USB 2.0 Repeater Extension

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Backward compatible with USB 1.1 / Supports 1.5/12/480Mb p/s transfer rates / Supports up to 80-foot of daisychain format / Supports plug n play

Long distance worries resolved! Specifically designed to maintain signal integrity, the USB 2.0 repeater by PPA is the perfect choice for long distance applications. Built-in repeater supports 15ft. daisychain Format up to 80ft and assures a solid buffering solution, instantly boosting the signal to allow stability throughout the length of the extension. Active cable doubles as a Transparent USB hub, seamlessly transferring all upstream and downstream traffic for maximum performance at an affordable price.

  • Features:

  • Backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Supports 1.5/12/480Mb p/s transfer rates
  • Supports plug n play
  • Supports up to 80ft of daisychain format
  • Supports self-powering

  • System Requirements:

  • Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista

  • In the box: 1 x 15-foot USB 2.0 Repeater Extension Cable

    Connectivity Type USB - Cable

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