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Panasonic TC-L47ET5 47" Class Smart TV VIERA ET5 Series IPS LED TV with Easy 3D

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47.0" diagonal / 1920 x 1080 / 4 x HDMI / VGA / SD Slot / Built-in WiFi / Polarized 3D panel / 2D-3D Conversion / Viera Connect / 4 pairs of 3D Eyewear

The Panasonic VIERA ET5 Series has a new 3D IPS LED panel for superior & clearer images with polarizing 3D method. With VIERA's wide 178° viewing angle, you see clear, vibrant images from every seat in the room. The backlight features a wide transmission aperture that enhances contrast between light and dark and improves response to provide smoother motion images. A polarizing film on the display surface displays the left and right images for each of the odd-numbered and even-numbered horizontal scanning lines. When viewed through polarizing eyewear, different images are shown to the left and right eyes, resulting in the perception of 3D images. This method reduces the vertical resolution to one-half, but it is an easy way to view 3D images using light, economical eyewear. Great for watching with a group of people.
  • Accessories: 4 pairs of 3D Eyewear included

  • Film-type Patterned Retarder 3D panel (FPR 3D) - Polarized 3D Method
  • 2D-3D Conversion - Unique Panasonic technology converts 2D images into high-quality 3D images in real-time. The image depth is analyzed from the compositional, color and brightness data of each scene, to convert 2D images into naturally beautiful 3D images.
  • 3D 24p Cinema Smoother - By displaying images with 96 frames compared to the 24-frame original source, smooth images are produced without the blurring that is typical of movies.
  • Wide Viewing Angle - IPS LED HDTV with VIERA's wide 178-degree viewing angle for clear, vibrant images from every seat in the room
  • VIERA remote App Support: Smartphone Remote - VIERA remote App lets you use a Smartphone or tablet device as a remote control. Tap and flick-based commands are intuitive. Text input is easy, too, with familiar keyboard operation.
  • VIERA Connect - VIERA Connect is an internet service for TVs based on the use of cloud servers.

  • Screen Size Diagonal: 47.0-inches, 16:9
  • Panel: IPS LED LCD
  • Filter: Clear Panel
  • Panel Drive: 360 Backlight scanning
  • Number of Pixels: 2,073,600 (1,920 x 1080)
  • Viewing Angle: 178 degrees
  • Full HD 3D: 3D panel, 3D 24p Cinema Smoother, 2D-3D Conversion
  • HDTV Display Capability (1080p, 1080i, 720p): Yes
  • Aspect Control: 4:3, Zoom, Full, Just, H-fill
  • Advanced Features: Viera Connect (IPTV), Web Browser, Social Networking TV, 24p Playback, Intelligent Scene Controller, Vivid Color Creation, DLNA, Viera remote App Support, Viera Link, Game Mode
  • Audio: Full-range x 2 Speakers, 20W Total
  • Receiving System: ATSC / QAM / NTSC
  • Jacks: 4 x HDMI with ARC, Analog Audio Jack, 1 x RCA Component Video & Audio (share with Composite), 1 x Optical Output, PC input (D-sub), Ethernet, Built-in WiFi, SDXC Card Slot, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Power: AC 110 - 127V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 43.6 x 28.1 x 10.6 in. with stand
  • Weight: 45.2 lbs. with stand

    Screen Size (Inches/Diagonal) 47
    USB Connection Yes
    LED Illuminated Backlight
    Internet TV Capable Ethernet Wired / WiFi Wireless
    Computer Display Port Yes
    Ethernet Network Port Yes
    Screen Resolution 1920x1080
    HDTV Capable 3D HDTV Capable
    Computer Interface VGA
    Memory Card Slot SD
    HDMI What is this? 4
    Screen Format 16:9 Widescreen TV Imaging
    3D Display 3D Capable

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    Fantastic all around!! Fabulous communication, fast shipping, tracking provided, packaged great, item perfect as described - perfect seller!!

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