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Plantronics .Audio 326 Stereo Headset

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Noise-canceling microphone boosts speech clarity / Convenient in-line controls / Swivel-mounted ear cushions / Adjustable boom

Have it all- the Plantronics .Audio 326 delivers excellent audio quality for Skype, Windows Live, or Yahoo Messenger Internet calling. An adjustable boom brings the Microphone close to your mouth, so your callers can hear and understand you clearly during conversations. Advanced noise-canceling features in the microphone reduce background noise so your callers only hear you. When you're listening to music, Podcasts, or DVDs, pillow-soft ear cushions Focus full-range Stereo Sound for maximum enjoyment, while convenient in-line controls put music volume, microphone volume, and Mute features at your fingertips. Lightweight and flexible, this Headset is comfortable for hours of use.
  • Watch video, listen to music, or Stream in a Podcast in full-range stereo.
  • Noise-canceling microphone boosts speech clarity
  • Convenient in-line controls let you adjust music volume and microphone volume, or mute the microphone with just a touch.
  • Lightweight and flexible, the headset is comfortable for hours.
  • Pillow-soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions focus stereo sound for maximum enjoyment.
  • An adjustable boom lets you bring the microphone close for conversation. Rotate it out of the way when listening to music or watching DVDs.
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    J&R has always been an awesome supplier!
    Many years ago I worked for the Western Electric Co. at 222 Broadway. I was there when J&R opened a small music store and watched your amazing growth. Anyone out there looking for a reliable source for electronics etc should give J&R a try. I'm not being paid for this Kudo in any way by J&R or anyone else, I've just found them to be an honest, reliable and solid source.
    I'm now retired in FL, far from NYC but fondly remember my great shopping there and now order on-line!

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