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Polaroid 16GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card - P-SDHC16G10-EFPOL

Ideal for the latest Digital SLR cameras, HD camcorders and HP laptops / Class 10 performance for high speed transfer rates

Place your trust in Polaroid as a leader in photographic technology. Trust your photo and Digital mrdia Storage to this fast, dependable SDHC Memory card, designed for compatible devices that accept SDHC cards. 16GB memory has alot of storage. Dependability and value is what you can rely on from a Polaroid brand.

High Speed SDHC Flash memory cards from Polaroid are ideal for the latest Digital SLR Cameras, laptops and Recording in 1080p HD video. These flash memory cards are rated Class 10, which translates to faster storage to capture more action, so you can be ready for any of life's adventures.

  • 16GB High Speed SDHC flash memory. Perfect for any subject matter or light setting and compatible with all SDHC host devices
  • Class 10 performance for high speed transfer rates. Functions with all SDHC host devices.
  • Ideal for the latest Digital SLR cameras, HD camcorders and HP laptops
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Storage Capacity 16GB
    SD Card Formats SDHC - SD High Capacity

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      Brand = Polaroid
      Price = Under $20
      SD Card Formats = SDHC - SD High Capacity
      Storage Capacity = 16GB

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