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QVS SATAPD-1A SATA Internal Power & Data Combo Cable - 6 inches

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Connects any Serial ATA drive to any motherboard or PCI card with a Serial ATA interface / Data 7-Pin to 7-Pin and Power 15-Pin to 4-Pin

Connects any Serial ATA drive to any Motherboard or PCI card with a Serial ATA interface. The power and Data connector is molded into one connector for easy installation. This thin & flexible cable will free much needed space within the CPU, improve airflow and reduce overheating. Optimized for internal Storage and with 300MBps transfer rate, it is faster than the current UltraIDE's speed of 133MBps. Serial ATA 1.0 compliant.

  • Connectors: Data 7-Pin to 7-Pin
  • Length: 20-inch
  • Connectors: Power 15-Pin to 4-Pin
  • Length: 6-inch
  • Color: Red

    Connectivity Type SATA - General

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    I am very pleased with my purchase. I found exactly what I wanted on their website and received them in two days! Super fast! I was unable to find the air conditioners at any store nearby and was hesitant about buying online because of the possible shipping delay or out of stock message you would normally get when buying an air conditioner in the middle of summer. BUT, J&R had them in stock and shipped them right out. I will definitely buy from them again.

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