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Rane RPM 22 Programmable Multiprocessor

Clearance Item: Limited Availability, New, 100% Guaranteed

2 balanced analog I/O plus AES3 stereo digital I/O / 106 dB dynamic range for line levels / Powerful DSP, up to 48-bit precision processing / Drag Net

The RPM 22 by Rane features a "drag and drop" configuration, wherein using the included Drag Net Software it provides signal Processing flexibility, giving you the ability to draw the system needed without signal flow restrictions. Drag Net features a display and control, with all signal processing configurations and functions, downloadable from a Computer via a rear panel port. It allows for a complete project management within a single interface. A 10Base-T Ethernet is used to Communicate between the RPM 22 and any Ethernet capable PC running Microsoft Windows.

The RPM 22 features two balanced, line-level Analog inputs and two balanced analog outputs and Microphone preamps (controlled via software) with an equivalent input noise (EIN) of -128dBu. Included is standard XLR-type connectors providing Stereo AES/EBU I/O. Each I/O, including the Digital I/O, has its own, 100% user-defined signal-processing path. Grounding screws for direct connection to the metal chassis are provided for solving EMI problems due to shield wiring.

The DSP functions include parametric and graphic EQ, feedback elimination, crossovers and dynamics along with input and output gain. The processing power of the unit is extremely flexible, such as the RPM's 200 MIPS can translate into 125 fully parametric EQ filters, if needed for multiple Channels of fifteen-band parametric EQs. With 24-bit converters, greater than 106dB Throughput dynamic range and double-precision 48-Bit internal DSP math, the RPM 22 offers an ideal integration of DSP algorithms and Audio performance.
  • Software Features:
  • Drag Net setup & control software for Windows XP
  • Signal flow and critical settings in plain view on one screen
  • Fully Programmable processing configurations
  • Expandable collection of processing blocks
  • Firmware Upgrades via Ethernet connection
  • Hardware Features:
  • RPM 22 has 2-balanced analog I/O plus AES3 stereo digital I/O
  • Powerful DSP, up to 48-bit precision processing
  • 106 dB dynamic range for line levels
  • Studio grade mic/line preamplifiers on all analog inputs
  • 48-volt phantom power
  • Presets recall via contact closures
  • Versatile Input Port for Remote Control via voltage
  • Versatile Output Port provides relay drive
  • 10Base-T Ethernet control
  • RS-485 control supports Rane Smart Remotes
  • UL/CSA/CE internal Power Supply (100-240 VAC)
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    Clearance Item: Limited Availability, New, 100% Guaranteed
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    Similar Product


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    Product Name Rane RPM 22 Programmable Multiprocessor Rane SL 4 for Serato Scratch Live Dual USB Interface Alesis Drum Module for Top-panel mixer for balancing drums, cymbals, & accompani DJ-Tech Dragon Two DJ Controller
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