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Sennheiser HD-429 Stereo Headphones

Closed Around the Ear / Corded / Wide dynamic range with deep bass to fine highs / 3m Cord / Great audio isolation and quality

Remember what rich wide-range Music used to Sound like? Sennheiser HD429 embodies Audio purity. It represents an affordable pleasure with 110db SPL for more of the music coming to your ears, mind, and soul. Sound is clear and beyond your memories. Prepare for what you've been yearning for.

No matter whether you are dancing or just lazing in the sunshine: the HD 429 always delivers the goods. The single-sided cable can cope with even the wildest moves. And for those who prefer to chill out at home. The Headphones offer dynamic Bass of the finest caliber. All this comes packaged in a refreshingly new outfit: the asymmetrical Mould Design with a chrome trim is both exciting and stylish. The closed ear cups ensure that only music reaches your ears. And the person sitting next to you on the train has no idea of what great sounds you are enjoying. Unless, that is, you get up and dance…

The HD 429 features a powerful bass response provided by high-output neodymium magnets. In addition, these headphones display an innovative and ergonomic, silicone design, providing durability and a comfortable fit, every single time. Their closed Circumaural headphone configuration effectively isolate against ambient noise, while the single-sided cable reduces tangling. Stand out and be different with the audio quality you deserve.

  • High-output neodymium magnets for Stereo sound with smooth bass response
  • Closed Circumaural headphone design isolate against ambient noise
  • Ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit
  • Single-sided cable for freedom of movement
  • Optimized for portable audio including MP3, CD players, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mobile phones (iPad, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.)
  • Sennheiser 2-year Warranty
  • Delivery Includes HD 429 headphones / 6.3mm adaptor plug
  • 3 meter cord with miniplug termination

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    Ear Pad Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head
    TV Capable Yes

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    Product Name Sennheiser HD-429 Stereo Headphones Sennheiser PX 95 Versatile On-Ear Headphones Sennheiser HD-229 Stereo Headphones - Black Sennheiser HD419 Over-Ear Headphones
    Ear Pad Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear Over the Ear
    Headband Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head Rests on Head
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