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Sonicare PHILIPS Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite Electric toothbrush

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

2 Modes of brushing for thorough cleaning and whiteness / Interval Timer / 1 Contoured Brush head / Dual Volt Capable

As part of a routine dental program, more dentists recommend Sonicare as a method of maintaining healthy teeth and gums between dental checkups. Sonicare resembles a standard toothbrush but oscillates at a very rapid speed to help stimulate and clean gumlines and teeth gently and thoroughly.

There’s a standard mode for when you want to Zoom around your mouth, giving it an all-over clean with a tingling 31,000 oscillations a minute. Then there’s an additional mode which provides 2 minutes of cleaning with a 30 second Burst of whitening afterwards for a dazzling smile! Thanks to the integral Lithium ion rechargeable Battery you’ll get up to 20 2 minute cleaning sessions. After brushing, the compact charging base can be also be used to store a tooth brush Head when not in use.


  • Patented Sonic Technology - Up to 31,000 Brush stroke oscillations per minute help control plaque and clean teeth
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 20 brushings (2 minutes each)
  • SmartTimer - Brushing Timer - The Smartimer indicates that your brushing cycle is complete by automatically turning off the toothbrush at the end of the brushing cycle. Dental professionals recommend brushing no less than 2 minutes twice a day.
  • Quadpacer - 30 second intervals - T he Quadpacer is an interval timer that has a short beep and pause to remind you to brush the 4 sections of your mouth evenly and thoroughly
  • Recharge Level Indicator
  • Sonicare brush heads come with interchangeable Color code rings to identify your brush head - 1 head is included
  • Healthy White Mode provides a thorough 2-minute brushing
  • The Clean and White mode combines 2 minutes of Clean mode for a whole mouth clean, with an additional 30 seconds of White mode to focus on the visible front teeth
  • Philips guarantees its products for two years after the date of purchase
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Extra Info Available
    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
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    Limited quantity available...while supplies last
    Product Name Sonicare PHILIPS Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite Electric toothbrush Sonicare Philips Sonicare HX6511 EasyClean Sonic Toothbrush HX651150 Panasonic EW-DL80-S Sonic Vibration Toothbrush
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    J&R Item # SNC HX6711/02 SNC HX651150 PAN EWDL80S
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    In Stock
    Expected to Ship Wed 4/23


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    Excellent store. I have used them more about 20 years with no hassles.

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