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Turtle Beach Ear Force TM1 Game Audio Mixer

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

6-Channels /Closed Network Offline Chat / Multiple Team Configurations / Broadcast Output / Independent Volume Controls / For PS3 - X360 - PC

Great gaming often is coupled with great sound. Upscale sound in tournament play with EarForce TM1 from Turtle Beach.

The Ear Force TM1 - Tournament Mixer is the new standard for tournament audio. Officially licensed by and developed in cooperation with Major League Gaming, the Tournament Mixer allows up to six players to connect and chat with teammates or a coach during competitive play. BR>
The Tournament Mixer provides a closed chat Network for a zero latency chat experience. Connect more than six players by connecting two Tournament Mixers together to create a network of 12 players. Each player has control over their game, chat, and/or MIC audio volume for the perfect Personal balance. The noisy atmosphere of a big tournament is no match for the Ear Force TM1, which uses noise gate technology to eliminate distracting background noises that might be picked up by players' mics. Turtle Beach and Major League Gaming are Dedicated to providing the optimum experience in tournament play. Step up your game and compete to the max with the Ear Force TM1.

  • Closed Network Chat - Provides a zero latency chat experience so there is no delay when communicating with your teammates.
  • Versus Mode (3 vs. 3) - Divides the mixer into two distinct networks. This allows for the use of just one mixer at small scale events providing two separate closed chat networks of up to 3 users in each channel.
  • 6 Player Team Communication - Allows up to 6 teammates to connect and chat with one another. Designed for a five man team with a coach, or a 6 man team.
  • Versus Mode (3 vs. 3) - Divides the mixer into two distinct networks. This allows for the use of just one mixer at small scale events providing two separate closed chat networks of up to 3 users in each channel.
  • Broadcast Output - Lets you connect the Tournament Mixer to a broadcast mixer for shout casters and production teams to easily broadcast and mix in the Tournament’s chat network with their live Stream or audio feed from the event.
  • 3.5 mm, 4 pole Output - Lets you connect your favorite Headphones so you’re part of the action.
  • Microphone Noise Gate - Adjustable noise gate control lets you eliminate distracting background noises your mic may pick up on the tournament floor.
  • External Power - Plug the Tournament Mixer into an AC outlet to provide enough power through all of your available USB ports for up to 6 amplified headsets.
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    As always very good experience. Good selection, price and I have enjoyed fast delivery. One time I had to return something defective and the replacement was a no hassel experience.

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