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Tiffen 72UVP 72mm UV Protector Filter

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Most popular protection filters / Provides basic reduction of UV light / Available for Wide Angle / For 72mm Filter Thread

UV filters are considered a standard accessory for every SLR lens, including the lens that may have been included with your camera. The size is designed to fit the threads in front of your lens. It protects the actual lens from dust, fingerprints, and other small substances that can harm image results. The filter is also easier to keep clean. That's why it should always remain on your camera. The filter has threads to accept any other effect filters you may wish to add.
  • Filters ultraviolet rays, non perceivable waves of light that can alter Color in images, to maintain true color integrity as your eyes see it
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    Super fast Service. When they say it's in stock it IS. Free shipping is always a plus. Everytime I've bought from J&R I've been satisfied. Great service, fast response and careful handling too. Thumbs way up for J&R!

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