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Warranty Extensions

Every product that J&R sells comes with a USA manufacturer's warranty. This means that a manufacturer has made special arrangements with selected service centers (in the United States) to repair or replace a product if it became defective during the term of the warranty. No manufacturer expects their product to become defective. It's offered as an insurance policy against any rare possibilities that it might prove to be defective. The manufacturer stands behind the product. Most warranties have limitations and are identified as limited warranties. This is how a manufacturer defines 'defective'. The manufacturer provides a warranty if the unit is used as it was intended. If the product was abused, dropped, struck by lightning, or used irresponsibly, the warranty coverage doesn't apply.

Most products come with a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty but you should note that many warranties might offer 1-Year Parts and 90 Days Labor. This means if the product is defective within 90 days and you bring it to an authorized service center (at that time), any repair would cost you nothing because Parts and Labor are included. If a product became defective at the 110th day of ownership and was taken to a warranty service center, the manufacturer would replace the part but you'd be responsible to pay for labor. In many cases, a part may cost a few dollars but labor might be $50 or (often) much more.

Warranty Extensions are products that provide extended warranty coverage for parts and labor, above and beyond the term of the original manufacturer's warranty. These extensions are offered when customers buy new cars, major appliances, furniture, computers and more. The manufacturer usually does not provide these extensions. They're offered by specialists whose business is to insure you against paying any additional labor charges during the term of the extension. In some cases, they may actually replace your old defective product with a new one.

J&R is proud to offer Warrantech Repair-Master service extension warranties. Though Warrantech is totally independent of J&R , we have been offering their services to our customers for over 15 years with a very satisfactory response.

Xchange Card

A new Warrantech service that provides for the replacement of a product, any product that operates by battery or an electrical cord - after manufacturer's warranty has expired.

What is Warrantech?

Warrantech International provides and administers warranty extension services to over 3,000 retailers, distributors and manufacturers of automobiles, recreational vehicles, automotive components, homes, home appliances, home entertainment products, computers and peripherals, office and communications equipment. With a global reach, Warrantech offers services virtually anywhere in the world. You can travel around the world with confidence if your notebook computer; camera, camcorder or appliance is covered by a Warrantech Repair Master service contract.

Warranty insurance must be reliable and worthy of your trust, regardless of circumstances. Warrantech is "Fully Insured" through an insurance carrier rated "Excellent" by A.M. Best, with assets in excess of $54 Billion. The service plan purchased would still be in effect for the entire life of that contract in the unlikely event that Warrantech or J&R went out of business.

When you buy and receive a Repair Master service contract, you register your product with Warrantech. Coverage begins as soon as the original manufacturer's labor warranty expires. If your product's original parts & labor warranty lasts 90 days, Warrantech picks up parts & labor coverage on the 91st day. It's that quick and it's probably even better than the service the manufacturer provided.

You'll have access to a toll-free phone number that is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, with fully trained technicians. Should your product require service, Warrantech has arrangements with over 12,000 service centers. Your cost for parts and labor is,,, nothing - zero. There are no deductibles and no limits on the number of service calls or repairs. In some cases, Warrantech will cover the costs of a service call to your home or office.

Should you sell your product to someone else during the term of the contract, it is fully transferable to the new owner. If you wish to continue insuring your product, after the extension has expired, Warrantech will provide you with the option to renew it.

In business since 1983, fully insured, with unprecedented stability, service, and fully trained technicians, Warrantech stands with and behind you to provide peace-of-mind coverage that every customer deserves.

What is covered by a Repair Master Service Contract?

All Parts and Labor are covered beginning the day after your original manufacturer's parts and labor warranty has expired.

Depending on the particular contract you buy, all contracts cover a product that was purchased for personal use. There are, however, certain products that Warrantech Repair Master will cover that are also used commercially. Commercial use is defined as product sold to a company, school or agency that is used by multiple individuals. These products are covered for either personal or commercial use:

  • Desktop Computer CPU
  • Zip Drive
  • Printers
  • Modem
  • Printer/Scanner/Facsimile
  • Hard Drive
  • Facsimile Machine
  • Hand Held Computer
  • Monitors
  • Laptop or Notebook Computer
  • Scanner
  • Copier

In several cases, particularly with large-screen televisions and computer systems, Warrantech Repair Master service contracts will also include on-site service calls. This means that an authorized service representative will visit your home or office to diagnose and repair your product.

What products can be covered by a service contract?

  • Video Equipment

    VCR, Camcorder, Digital Camcorder, DVD Player, Laser Disc, Palm Theater (DVD Portable), TV/VCR Combination, Digital Cameras.
  • Television

    Portable (1" to 23"), Console TV (25" to 27"), Direct View (30" to 36"), Projection TV, Front Projector, HDTV, LCD Projector, Plasma TV, Line Multiplier.
  • Home Audio

    Receiver, Amplifier, Surround Speaker Packages, Sound Processor, CD Player, Tape Deck, Pre Amps, Controllers, Speakers (Non-Powered), In-Wall Speakers, Speakers (Powered), Outdoor Speakers, MP3 Players.
  • Car Systems

    Audio Components, Navigational Equipment, Alarm Systems.
  • Cellular Phones

    Cellular Phones, Wireless Phones.
  • Appliances

    Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Freezer, Range, Oven/Range, Oven, Double Oven, Cooktop, Rangehood, Trash Compactor, Microwave, Built-In Microwave, Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Vacuum, Wet/Dry Vacuum, Combination Appliances W/One Serial Number.
  • Computer Products
    CPU and Monitor, Printers, Printer/Scanner/Facsimile, Copiers, Facsimile Machine, Monitors, Scanner, Zip Drive, Hard Drive, MP3 Players (Ipod), Modem, HandHeld Computer, Laptop, Notebook, PDAs.
  • Home theater

    Complete Home-Theater component systems.

How do I buy a Repair Master Extended Service Contract?

The J&R website makes it really simple to find the best Repair Master Extended Service Contract. Each of the stores on our website has a section devoted to Warranty Extensions. You can easily browse through this section to find the right Repair Master for the product you're buying.

Nearly every major product's description is accompanied by add-on accessories, listed to the right of the product, under the heading "Protect Your Purchase" One of these is usually a Warrantech Repair Master, specifically selected as an accessory to that product. Just click on it for more information and choose to add it to your shopping cart.

Warrantech Repair Master Extended Service Contracts

  • Offer unprecedented services with fully trained technicians every day, throughout the year.
  • Is fully renewable and transferable. Fully insured, with nearly 20 years of stable, satisfying service, Warrantech is a brand you can trust.
  • Offers peace-of-mind against costly repairs and services after the manufacturer's interests expire.
  • Provides technical support any time and any day - at no additional cost.

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