Blood Pressure Product Guide

Blood Pressure

This category is your predominant source of Blood Pressure Monitors but you'll also find Cholesterol and Blood Sugar monitors here. These solid-state readers are considered very accurate and physicians recommend many of these.

They can be helpful in monitoring the wellness of your circulatory system but, if any abnormal readings occur, should be used in conjunction with routine medical care.

High Blood Pressure, also known as Hypertension, may be an indicator of possible plaque accumulation in the circulatory system (vascular paths and vessels that carry blood to areas throughout your body). High levels of plaque can apply stress by constricting blood flow. Blockages in key arteries around the heart may lead to heart attacks. Obstructions in other areas may compromise the health of key organs and tissues. A Stroke is often a result of blood blockage to or in the brain. If you register repeated high readings on your monitor, you should consult a physician for a more thorough examination.

Chronic (improperly managed) Stress is also a possible cause for abnormal pressure readings. As part of a therapeutic program, a monitor is beneficial where biofeedback may be suggested as a form of treatment.

There are several different ways of reading blood pressure. Most are read by placing a cuff on your upper arm. Some models offer manual inflation though most have automatic cuff inflation. This is really a matter of preference. A few models may read pressure from your wrist or finger, for greater convenience. Though all these methods are considered reliable, there may be slight variances in readings from one method to the other. It is best to monitor readings using one particular method to establish a dependable benchmark.

Some models have memory modes so you can monitor reading changes over a period of time. A few may have printing capabilities so you can document your reading data in files or binders.

Though these monitors are designed for use while remaining in one position, you'll also find monitors that are integrated with watches. These are used to read blood pressure while walking, jogging, or running.

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