Health and Fitness Product Guide

Health and Fitness

All the products in this section help you achieve a state of health and fitness. When concerned with health, there are usually two approaches:

  1. Coping with and treating illness
  2. Establishing a lifestyle of overall wellness

The first approach is usually associated with traditional medical treatment in the United States. The second approach applies to eastern medicine or alternate therapy. Though these two approaches may often seem opposed to one another, the American Medical Association recognizes validities in both, and each is associated with health and fitness. The products you'll find here include blood pressure monitors, scales, dental care, massage, and sound. In a sense, they help you become aware of and control stress.

Stress - The Common Denominator

Stress is an internal life force. It is how your body naturally functions, even at subcellular levels and is part of the natural aging process through your entire life cycle. It has been a key aspect of survival. Hans Selye, a leading researcher, identified stress in three levels - Alarm, Reaction, Exhaustion. When confronted with adversity, you identify it with an alarm. You (mind and body) react to cope (battle) with it. After it has been coped with, you reach a state of rest. Over the years, many scientists have offered evidence of different biochemical associations with any of these three levels. Much has been offered to suggest that when reaction and exhaustion is prolonged or mismanaged, detrimental psychological and physiological responses may occur.

It appears, though, that animals and people have been aware of this for thousands of years. Massage has been practiced by earlier civilizations for relaxation and attentiveness. This behavior has even been observed among monkeys and other animals. Sounds and (degrees of) Light have been linked to social customs toward perpetuating senses of peace and functioning.

Body indicators such as weight, blood pressure and temperature act as alerts to possible stressors that may concur with some levels of exhaustion.

It had been believed that tooth loss was a natural partner with aging. Research is demonstrating that more focused methods of dental cleaning and oral care may help preserve teeth and gums throughout your lifespan. Taking good care of your self, keeping responsibly active, and managing stress, might actually promote the extension of your lifespan.

Blood Pressure

This category is your predominant source of Blood Pressure Monitors but you'll also find Cholesterol and Blood Sugar monitors here. These solid-state readers are considered very accurate and physicians recommend many of these. They can be helpful in monitoring the wellness of your circulatory system but, if any abnormal readings occur, should be used in conjunction with routine medical care.

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Dental Care

Among the most popular health and fitness products, these devices help maintain teeth and gums, as part of a responsible routine dental regimen. The basic goal here is to control levels of plaque accumulation on your teeth and along your gum line.

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Fitness and Exercise

Exercise and fitness are complementary. All studies indicate that exercising responsibly leads to overall general fitness. It's more than just muscle tone and appearance. More physicians are realizing that aerobic exercises are extremely helpful in maintaining cardiovascular wellness. Jogging, running, walking, and biking are the mainstays and can easily be done without a gym environment. Before starting any exercise routine, it's important to have a physical with your doctor, advising that you're interested in doing so.

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Massage preceded human development. Human civilization refined it into an art and science toward stress and pain management. Electric vibrating massagers were introduced in the late 19th century as a medical tool as a less invasive means to treat hysteria. Many models are sold today to ease general stress, sore muscles, and aching bones.

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Stress is also associated with body weight.

There's a lot of talk about the fattening of the people in the United States. Waist and dress sizes seem to be getting larger and larger and obesity is becoming more prevalent among all age groups, especially young children. With larger weight levels, there is also a higher incidence of weight-related diseases - diabetes II, angina, hypertension, and organ dysfunction. Excess weight often results in reduced flexibility, muscle tone, and movement. Obesity is also associated with social discrimination. Obese people tend to be seen less favorably and are often overlooked for many employment opportunities.

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Sound Machines

People have very personal reactions to different sounds. Experiments have shown that certain ambient sounds can modify brainwaves to a more relaxed frequency rate. Sound is closely related to our consciousness, thoughts, and alertness.

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