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HDTV Tuners

If you've bought or if you're considering buying an HDTV set, there's an important tidbit of information that we think you should know. You may need to buy an HDTV tuner to receive and view programs in High Definition (HD).

Most HDTV models do not come with an HDTV tuner. If they have a tuner at all (some Plasma models have no tuner), then it's a typical NTSC analog TV tuner which virtually all TV sets come with.

TV shows that are also in HDTV use special frequencies that analog NTSC tuners can't receive. If you want to receive those programs, as presented with High Definition, a digital HDTV tuner is required. Also referred as HDTV Receivers, each model is capable of tuning and decoding all 18 approved ATSC Digital TV broadcast formats.

ATSC stands for Advanced Television Standards Committee, an international, non-profit membership organization developing voluntary standards for the entire spectrum of advanced television systems. These standards are adopted by the industry to assure consistent broadcast compatibilities. ATSC has developed high-definition broadcast standards for Digital-TV broadcasting.

There are two types of tuning systems: Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial. Terrestrial refers to land based broadcasts from antennas or from cable networks. Extra-Terrestrial refers to Satellite TV. If you plan to use Satellite TV (particularly DirecTV), you should choose a tuner that can receive both terrestrial and satellite HD programs.

Some models also receive NTSC broadcasts, the United States analog broadcast standard. This is especially useful if you've purchased an HDTV that does not come with any tuner.

All available models are set-top designs. They can fit in or on top of TV cabinet. They offer a variety of analog and digital ports for flexible connectivity with different types of TV and Video models.

With an HDTV Receiver connected to your new HDTV, you can enjoy all the HD TV shows, as they should be seen.


  1. HDTV broadcasts are not available in all areas of the country. Please check local TV stations to see if they are capable of transmitting HD signals.
  2. Connecting Cable TV service to most ATSC HDTV Tuner boxes may require a special digital converter box available from your cable service carrier. Cox, Time Warner, and Cablevision standard converters are not compatible for use with HD tuners. You must subscribe to Digital TV service (with HD compatibility) for use with HDTV.

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