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Seymour Duncan Vintage for Jazz Bass SJB-1N Neck Pickup - 11401-01

Limited quantity available...while supplies last

Vintage-correct true single-coil / Perfect for country, pop, blues, and classic rock / Bring out the warmth and fullness of the instrument

Vintage-correct true single-coil. Perfect for country, pop, blues, and classic rock. The hand-ground Alnico 5 magnets and moderate windings bring out the warmth and fullness of the instrument while maintaining clarity and definition. Comes with waxed cloth hookup cable and non-logo cover.

  • Players: Chopper Anderson / Reba McEntire, David Bronze / Eric Clapton, Tim Smith / Sheryl Crow
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    I've been purchasing from J&R for the last 10 years now! They have the best prices and best service that i know of! Never had any issues so far!

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