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SONiVOX Open Box SDUBUNDL Dubstep Destruction Tools - Windows And Mac

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Create Dubstep Tracks / Includes Wobble, Twist, Vocalizer, And Pulse / Easy To Use

Dubstep Destruction Tools comes with everything you need to create heart-stopping dubstep tracks from dark and distorted to soaring and melodic. If you can dream up a sound, it's here for the taking. Dubstep Destruction Tools' massive sonic firepower and big-time ease-of-use put you on a trajectory to dubstep greatness.
  • Wobble, the original dubstep virtual instrument
  • Twist, a cutting edge spectral synthesizer
  • Vocalizer, the one of a kind Audio re-synthesizer perfect for reprocessing, re-pitching, and synthesizing vocals and drums
  • Pulse, the Swiss Army Knife of drum machines that reads any MPC, MP3, Aiff, or WAV Format file, and comes complete with its own massive library of sounds
  • All the Software elements you need to create thunderous, earth-shaking beats that will push your creative limits, and test your Subwoofer
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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