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Sony RDP-XF300IPN Premium Portable Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone & iPod

Go-anywhere Sound quality, by Sony. Add powerful sound to the Music or Video on your iPod or iPhone with the RDP-XF300IPN portable speaker dock. A slide-out tray snugly holds your music player, and easily closes for travel or changing rooms. Dock, listen and charge your compatible Apple device with Lightning connector, including: iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. The rechargeable Lithium ion Battery pack provides up to seven hours of continuous operation. You'll also experience superb sound via the powerful 40 Watt (20W + 20W) Stereo speaker system. Additionally, you can charge your iPod or iPhone while docked to help avoid a drained battery. A built-in Digital FM Tuner with 20 station presets lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming.
  • In the Box: RDP-XF300IPN, Remote Commander, AC Power Adaptor, AC Power Cord, Operating Instructions, Cushion for small size iPod

  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming functionality
  • Superb sound with 40 Watt stereo output
  • Works with Apple devices using Lightning Connector
  • Rechargeable battery with level indicator (up to 7 hour life)
  • Digital FM Radio
  • Retracting flexi-dock Charges iPod / iPhone / iPad 2
  • Full-range speakers with separate tweeters for crisp detail
  • Multiple Sound Modes to suit your taste
  • Full Function Wireless Remote Control
  • Free D-Sappli App for expanded speaker/dock capability

  • Display: Organic LED Display
  • Frequency Response: 150 Hz-10,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Sound Enhancer: Selectable Audio Emphasis: ROCK/POP/JAZZ/VOCAL/FLAT
  • Tuner Type: Digital FM
  • Tuning: FM: 87.5 - 108 MHz (0.1 MHz Channel Steps)
  • Output: 20 W + 20 W (at 1% harmonic distortion, with the AC power adaptor)
  • Woofer Size(s): Approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm) diameter
  • Audio In: Audio In jack (3.5 mm stereo minijack)
  • Digital Audio Input(s): Works with: iPhone 5 iPod touch (5th generation) iPod nano (7th generation) iPad (4th generation) iPad mini
  • Input(s): iPod 8-pin Lightning Connector, Auxiliary Audio input
  • Power: DC In 20V / Rechargeable Battery Pack NH - 2000 RDP (up to 7 hours)
  • Dimensions (Approx.): Approximately 14 1/16 inches x 6 7/16 inches x 4 3/4 inches (356.0 mm x 162.8 mm x 119.7 mm (w/h/d))
  • Weight (Approx.): Approximately 4 lbs. 3 oz. (1.9 kg)
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, click here for details

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    I'm a New Yorker. Been buying from J&R since the mid-seventies: Jazz albums, in person. Now CDs, musical instrument stuff, cameras, whatever - over the net. J&R are true New Yorkers - and I'm glad to keep the $$$ local. Besides, great deals, great selection. Please keep it up! Thanks.

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